Jesus Heals Songs

Monday, May 6, 2019

Thank you to Jeanne Dickson for sharing these songs and permitting me to create the flip charts and sharing them here with you. There are two songs here. They both have the standard one-page black & white and the color flip chart.
Jesus Heals is a general song about Jesus healing and can be used with any lesson about Jesus healing people or raising someone from the dead. I also created stand-ups to use. They can be used with the song or as a general discussion about His miracles about healing. There is one for the blind, lame and Lazarus. They can be flipped with before and after pictures on each side. There is one just with Jesus that is pictured above and can be used for any lesson.
What the Blind Man Saw can be used for any of the Jesus healing the blind lessons. The song flip chart just shows before and after being healed.

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