The Great Catch of Fish

Friday, May 17, 2019
I used this lesson as an introduction to the Disciples lesson.
Introduction to the Disciples: The Great Catch of Fish
Luke 5:1-11
After Jesus left the synagogue in Galilee, there was a crpwd of people following Him.
Jesus stood looking out at the lake and saw two boats. The fishermen were washing their nets. Jesus got into Peter’s boat and taught the people.
Then Jesus asked Peter to take the boat out into the lake. Peter said they had been fishing all night and didn’t catch anything. But, when they did what Jesus asked, they caught a lot of fish… so many their net was breaking!
They signaled their fishing partners in another boat to come help them and both boats were so full of fish, they began to sink!
Everyone who saw the great catch of fish were amazed. James and John were the partners with Peter. Jesus told them not to be afraid; now they would be catchers of men. They took their boats to the shore and they followed Jesus.
These worksheets are for any general Disciples of Jesus lesson. They are basic fill-in-the-blank worksheets. The middle worksheet is the teacher's answer sheet and the far right is the list of the Disciples I gave the students to help with spelling for the worksheet.
The download includes the worksheets and Disciples list. It also includes a new Disciples and Apostles poster. The visuals used with the lesson are included, too.
I printed the one-page song for each student and we sang it several times.
Click here to see the preschool Disciples lesson and printables. 

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  1. Great Segway into the introduction of civilly. Love the question and answer review worksheets
    Thank you for sharing


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