Five Wise and Foolish Virgins Song

Monday, June 10, 2019
A paper plate lamp template is also included!

Thank you to Jeanne Dickson for permission to allow me to use her songs to create and share these song flip charts! This one will look different since the visuals for this parable are not available. I used a bit of this, and that and this is what I came up with!
This has the standard one-page black & white song and the color flipchart.
My friend Haley Wilson used this lamp for Gideon. I would use it for Eutychus and Paul.
How about 'let your light shine'? Or God's Word is a Lamp?
It's a fun easy lamp for this lesson. I have seen this on Pinterest, so it is not a new idea.
I put the template to make your own in it's own download, since it can be used for other lessons.

Click on 'Haley' on the right LABELS bar to see more of Haley's ideas that she has let me share.
 The download has a template to cut out a lamp. Two lamps can be cut from one paper plate. I suggest cutting the plate in half, then use the template to cut out the rest of it. There is a flame to print.

Click here to download the paper plate lamp.
This was a fun lesson, ideas, file folder game, bulletin board, etc. that I created by a suggestion from a reader. We did the lesson and the students enjoyed it... probably because they were up and walking around. Click here to see it.

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