God's Word is a Lamp Bulletin Board

Monday, June 3, 2019
I started working on this scripture as a new lesson, and as I designed everything, I made this bulletin board that I used in the hallway of the church building.

I enlarged the person and drew him on the chalkboard bulletin board paper. I used this border and these letters for Psalm 119:105 that is on the path. I used this Kraft paper for the path.
 I cut the light out on yellow paper and glued the scriptures (printed on cardstock & cut out) on randomly. I cut out the light again, only larger, on yellow cellophane wrap. I laid the roll on top, leaving a couple of inches on each end and cut. Turn it over so the scriptures are upside down, pull the cellophane and tape on the back. This gives it a different, bright, shiny 'light' look. And, it will prevent people turning the edges of the scriptures up ☺.
The scripture explosions, Bible, lamp, man & light template are all in the download.

This is the scripture I printed and used as one piece. This can be used as a scripture banner by itself, or on this bulletin board. Click here to download.
This bulletin board was created while I designed a lesson, file folder game and lots more!
This will be available Friday June 7th.

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