Jesus Calms the Storm

Friday, July 12, 2019
 This also includes a song by Jeanne Dickson!
The preschool and early elementary lesson and printables are both included.

Let’s study a miracle that Jesus did. Jesus proved His power and that He is the Son of God. Jesus had been healing people. They came to Him in great crowds. It was evening and Jesus saw all the people around Him.
There was a certain scribe nearby and he told Jesus that he would follow Jesus wherever He was going. Jesus told the scribe that “Foxes have holes and birds that fly in the air have nests. But He didn’t have anywhere to rest.”
A disciple asked Jesus if he could go bury his father, and Jesus replied to follow Him. The disciples went in the boat with Jesus and He told them to “Cross over to the other side”. Matthew, Mark and Luke write about this event that happened and we are not told how many disciples are there. Mark states that they left the crowd and took Jesus in a boat. Mark also tells us there were other small boats with them (vs. 36).
They launched the boat and headed for the other side of the Sea of Galilee. All of a sudden, a powerful windstorm came! The waves were crashing into the boat and the boat began to fill with water! It was dangerous and the disciples were afraid.
They went to Jesus, but He had fallen asleep. Jesus was sleeping on a pillow in the back of the boat (the stern [Mark vs. 38]). The disciples woke Jesus up and told Him that they were perishing! They said “Save us!  Don’t You care that we are perishing?”
Jesus asked them “Why are you so worried? Where is your faith? Why do you have so little faith?”
Jesus stood up and rebuked the winds and the sea! Jesus told the storm “Peace, be still!” Instantly, the winds and the sea waters were calm. It was a great calm! It wasn’t just a storm that had naturally died down, it was instantly stopped by the power of Jesus! That means the waves even stopped rolling when normally after a storm, it takes time for them to slow down and stop.
Jesus asked His disciples why they were so afraid. Why didn’t they have faith? They were very scared of the storm, but they saw the power Jesus had over the wind and the sea, they were amazed by what Jesus could do!
They had been so afraid and they were so amazed they said “Even the winds and the water obey Jesus when He commands them to stop!” Jesus is amazing!
For a hands-on experiment about the water and waves, I had this container with water in it. I used a plastic boat and let it float about and started to move it to the other side. Then I swished the water and created waves and let the boat rock about in the water. We talked about Jesus commanding the wind and water to stop. So, I stopped playing in the water, but of course the water was still choppy and water was filling the boat. Jesus can make the storm and waves stop instantly, but we can’t. Jesus is awesome! Just like He watched over His disciples, He watches over us. (boats were @ Dollar Tree 3 for $1.00 or Hobby Lobby summer toys or Oriental Trading has some.) If you want to let the students play create waves in the water, leave enough room for the waves to stay in the bucket and have towels ready to dry off hands, arms and boats.
A special thank you to Jeanne Dickson for sharing these songs! This includes the one-page black & white song printable and the color flipchart. There is a Jesus and a boat that can be printed on cardstock and attached to large craft sticks to use. These are plain and can be used as different resources. Click here to download.
The kids love standups. They can be used as a visual, review visuals, let the students retell the lesson, and/or a take home. Jesus is on one standup and you just turn Him around. The boats are on one also. Print on cardstock and fold the backgrounds in half and they are ready to use. Print Jesus on cardstock, cut around the sold outside line and fold on the center dotted line to use.
The worksheet for this lesson includes the worksheet, application scripture worksheet and Scripture Posters. These discuss God's power (mostly over the seas). Answers are included.
The pictures to color are the same as the visuals, but they are black & white.
Also, this set includes the three extras as seen below.


  1. Hello Debbie,
    Patricia Ready in Anniston, AL here. I continue to thank the Lord for all the wonderful lesson materials you have provided on your website. I need your help with a problem: when I click on the Bible verse visual for Jesus Calms the Storm, a page comes up that says that file does not exist. Can you help me with getting a copy of this page please?
    Thank you for your help.

    Patricia Ready

    1. Patricia, sorry those were all deleted, and I don't have the files. They were lost when my computer crashed.


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