Easy Lion Pillow

Tuesday, August 27, 2019
This pillow is easy to put together.
I realize the muzzle makes it look like part cute puppy and part lion!
But I let my grandson pick how he wanted it to look... and this is it!
Wouldn't these be fun to have in a Daniel & the Lion’s Den area?
Or, make them small and have them stuffed and sewn together (and ready as a handout) or to let the students use a Sharpie to draw on the face for a take-home project.
Just FYI, I bought the supplies to let my grandkids each make a pillow. I started with their favorite color of fleece. Then found felt, patches, etc. of other items that they like and would make it special to them. This pillow is for Lion Guard. But I thought this would make a great item for class or especially VBS... and we just finished Daniel, so maybe he was just on my mind!
The first step is to purchase the fabrics that are needed. I found 'honey plush' faux fur for the lion face and back. I used white plush felt for the muzzle, but it can be deleted or a darker color would work better. Check the 2 mm felt for a color.  Although, I bought extra and will make a sheep face pillow with it. I bought a piece of 2 mm black felt. The ones that are precut and affordably priced. Add stuffing and a pack of brown chenille stems (pipe cleaners).
These can be any size that suits you.
I wanted this to be as large as possible. The 45” fabric is already folded in half, so I cut a 22” circle. I cut both sides together to have the front and back. I wanted the fringe around the outside to be about 2 ½”, so I pinned a basic perimeter to see where to place the face pieces. The eyes are 2” black felt circles. I used the same felt for the nose and mouth.
Cut the muzzle. Fold it in half to find the center and sew three chenille stems in the center at the top of the muzzle to secure them about ½” down from the top. Lay the nose on to see where you want to begin placing the whiskers.
Set the back of the pillow piece of fabric aside. Pin the nose on top and pin spaces to separate them. Pin the mouth lines and the eyes on and sew these pieces to the front side only. Trim the whiskers to about 3 ½” at each end.
Place the front and back together (right sides out) and pin at intervals to hold pieces together while sewing.
Put 2 of the ears together (right sides together) and sew leaving the flat side open. Turn right sides out on both ears. Fold the top of the lion head in half to get idea of the center and place the ears between the front and back circles. Make sure the flat side of the ear in below your 2 ½” fringe seam line. When sewing the front and back together, sew, backstitch and sew again so they are very secure.
Sew on the fringe line to sew front and back pieces together. LEAVE 3-4” open to add stuffing. After adding stuffing, finish sewing the front and back pieces together. Trim any threads and remove any pins.
Cut the fringe about every ¾ inch up to the sew line. Be careful not to snip the seam line. Once the fringe is cut, the pillow is complete. It is easier to cut at the end rather than fight the fringe pieces when sewing the front and back together.
NOTE before sewing together:
The fringe can be tied together instead of the front and back pillow pieces being sewed. We didn’t like it as much and it will take longer fringe pieces to tie them.

The templates are not just for pillows! They can be used on fabric, poster board, cardboard, cardstock, paper, however you want to make them. They can be made any size for your needs.
You can cut the muzzle, nose and eyes from felt and glue on poster board, etc. Attach to a paint stick or large craft stick (depending on the size you create) for more fun.

(Or, whatever you want to create!)

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