Joseph's Coat Visual Aid

Monday, September 9, 2019
See below for an updated version!
I have been wanting to recreate this Joseph's Coat visual aid that Cathy Whitacre designed. After a couple of years, I finally did it! I really wanted to have it available for the in-depth Life of Joseph series.
To make this visual aid, you will need to enlarge the coat template that is included onto a piece of poster board and make it as large as you can so the printable pieces fit. Directions are included on making it. Mine in the photo is how it looks on plain poster board. You can paint, color, add strips of paper or add fabric to the poster board coat to make it colorful.
Cathy's lesson is also included.
I updated this visual to use with an Old Testament Overview series which will be posted February 2021. Each piece is laid on the coat in order and not random all over. So, this is just personal preference. I thought I would share it early!
Click here to see the Life of Joseph series.
Click here to see Joseph's Coat.
Click here to see the preschool lesson & printables.
Click here to see early elementary lesson & printables.

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