Life of Joseph Series: 3. Joseph in Prison

Friday, September 20, 2019
Joseph is sent to prison after saying no to Potiphar's wife.
Scripture is Genesis 39.
We are learning about Joseph and today we will learn that he was faithful to God and God was with him. God blessed everything Joseph did. Joseph was taken to Egypt because of his brother’s jealousy. Joseph had 11 brothers that were upset because their father Jacob gave him a coat of many colors. They did not get one. Then Joseph had two dreams that showed his brothers bowing down to him. They didn’t like that either.
They decided to kill him, but changed the plan. They put him in a pit (water well) and when some Midianite traders passed by, the brothers sold Joseph to them. The traders took Joseph to Egypt and sold him to Potiphar. He was a captain of the guard and officer of Pharaoh (the king or ruler of Egypt). Todays scripture is Genesis 39.
God was with Joseph and the work that he did for Potiphar was very successful. Potiphar could see that God was with Joseph. Everything he did prospered and Joseph served Potiphar. Potiphar approved of Joseph because he did so well. Potiphar made Joseph overseer (manager) of his house and Joseph had authority over everything Potiphar had. God blessed Potiphar’s house and land because Joseph was put in charge of it.
Joseph was handsome and Potiphar’s wife noticed this. She asked Joseph to spend time with her. He refused saying that her husband depended on him and he was given more authority than anyone else in the house. Joseph said he wasn’t going to abuse that trust or sin against God. She asked him day after day and Joseph refused her every time.
One day, he was alone in the house with her. He was doing his daily work in the house. She caught him by his clothes, but he ran outside leaving her holding his garments. She called another worker in and lied to him. She said she shouted loud when Joseph came to her, and he ran leaving his garment behind.
She told Potiphar the same thing when he came home. He became angry and put Joseph in prison. It was a place where the king’s prisoners were kept. But, God showed Joseph compassion again. Joseph was given authority over all the prisoners that were there. The prisoners did what Joseph said. The person in charge of the prison didn’t question anything Joseph did. God was with him and “whatever Joseph did, the Lord made it prosper.”
So, Joseph is in prison for something he didn’t do. But God was with him and he stayed faithful.
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