Life of Joseph Series: 5. Pharaoh's Dreams

Friday, October 4, 2019
Lesson is found in Genesis 41.
Last week we learned about Joseph while he was in prison. His brothers sold him to Midianite traders and they sold him to Potiphar in Egypt. Potiphar’s wife lied about Joseph and he was put in prison. But he stayed faithful to God and God blessed him.
Joseph was put in charge of the prison even though he was a prisoner. Pharaoh’s chief butler and chief baker were put in prison and Joseph was taking care of them.
After some time, they each had a dream and were upset because they wanted someone to tell them what the dreams meant. Joseph said only God can interpret dreams; but, tell the dreams to him and he would explain them. 
The chief butler’s dream was interpreted that he would go back to being Pharaoh’s butler in three days. The chief baker’s dream was that he would be hanged in three days. Everything happened just as Joseph said and the chief butler forgot all about Joseph.
Now it is two years later and Pharaoh had a dream. Pharaoh was standing by the river and all of a sudden seven fat cows came out of the river. They went to the field to eat. Then seven other cows came out of the river. They were ugly and skinny. They ate the seven fat cows.
Pharaoh woke up and had another dream when he fell back asleep. In the second dream, seven heads of healthy grain grew on one stalk. Then seven thin grain heads that were destroyed by the east wind grew up. The seven thin grain heads ate the seven healthy grain heads.
When Pharaoh woke up, he realized he had been dreaming and it upset him. He called for all the magicians and wise men in Egypt and told them the dreams. But, none of them could explain the dreams to Pharaoh.
The chief butler finally remembered Joseph. He told Pharaoh about the dreams that he and the chief baker had and that a young Hebrew that was in prison with them interpreted. He said that everything happened exactly as Joseph explained.
Pharaoh sent for Joseph. He cleaned himself up and put on clean clothes and went to see Pharaoh. He told Joseph that he had a dream that no one can explain to him. Pharaoh has heard that Joseph can interpret dreams.
Joseph told Pharaoh that God is the one giving the answers to the dreams. Pharaoh told Joseph about the seven fat cows and the seven skinny cows. Pharaoh said they were the ugliest cows he had ever seen! They didn’t look any better after eating the healthy cows!
Then he told Joseph about the healthy seven heads of grain on one stalk and the thin, withered seven heads that had been destroyed by the east wind that grew up and ate the seven healthy grain heads.
Joseph explained to Pharaoh that God is showing Pharaoh what to do. The dreams are the same. The seven good (fat cows & healthy grain heads) are the seven good years. The seven thin cows and seven withered grain heads are the seven bad years. They are destroyed by the east wind which represents famine.
This is what will happen: There will be seven years of great food supply in Egypt. Then there will be seven years of famine. It will be so severe that people will forget about the seven great years. The famine will take away everything from the land. God sent the dream in two different ways because He will make this happen soon.
Joseph told Pharaoh to choose a ‘discerning and wise man’ to be over the land in Egypt. He should appoint officers to collect one-fifth of everything the land grows during the first good seven years. They should stock up the food under Pharaoh’s authority to be used during the seven years of famine.
Next week we will discover who Pharaoh puts in charge of storing the food and saving Egypt during the famine God said was coming.
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