Life of Joseph Series: 6. Joseph's Power

Friday, October 11, 2019
 The Life of Joseph in Genesis week 6 Joseph's Power found in Genesis 41.
Joseph is in Egypt and was thrown in prison by Potiphar. While he was there, Pharaoh’s chief butler and chief baker were put in prison also. They each had a dream that Joseph interpreted by God. The chief butler went back to his job for Pharaoh, but forgot about Joseph. God was with Joseph and he stayed faithful.
Pharaoh had two dreams and none of the men that he told the dreams to could interpret them. He was really upset about the dreams and then the chief butler remembered Joseph.
He told Pharaoh that Joseph had explained the dreams that he and the chief baker had and everything happened just like Joseph said. Pharaoh sent for Joseph and told him the dreams. Joseph said that God interprets the dreams. Both of Pharaoh’s dreams were about the same thing. There would be seven good years and then seven years of famine. The famine would be so bad that the people would forget the previous seven good years.
Joseph said that Pharaoh should choose a ‘discerning and wise man’ to be over Egypt. Officers should be appointed to collect one-fifth of the crops during the seven good years. They should store this food with Pharaoh’s authority as a reserve to use during the seven years of famine.
Pharaoh agreed with Joseph that he was giving good advice. But was there anyone in Egypt qualified? Is there anyone that is faithful to God? Pharaoh turned to Joseph and said that God has shown all this to him. There wasn’t anyone as discerning and wise as Joseph. Pharaoh wanted Joseph to be over his house and all the people in Egypt would do as Joseph says. Only Pharaoh would be greater than Joseph! Pharaoh told Joseph “I have put you in charge over all the land in Egypt.”
Pharaoh took off his signet ring and put it on Joseph’s hand. He put fine linen clothing on Joseph and put a gold chain around his neck. Joseph rode in the second chariot of Pharaoh’s and the people shouted out to Joseph “Bow the knee!”
Joseph was put in charge over all of Egypt. Pharaoh told Joseph that “I am Pharaoh. No person can lift his hand or foot without your consent in all of Egypt.” Pharaoh called him Zaphnath-Paaneah and gave him a wife. Her name was Asenath. Joseph was 30 years old and had the power to travel all over the land of Egypt.
The land produced crops abundantly during the seven good years. Joseph collected food from every field and stored food in the cities. He saved so much grain it was like sand on the seashore. There was so much, Joseph stopped counting it!
Joseph had two sons born before the famine. The first was named Manasseh and the second was named Ephraim. The seven good years stopped and the famine came. The famine was bad and was in all the lands. The famine wasn’t just in Egypt.
The people in Egypt had food because Joseph had saved for it. When people went to Pharaoh and said they were hungry, he told them to go see Joseph and do as he suggested. Joseph opened the storehouses and sold food to the Egyptians. The famine was very severe all over and people had to travel to Egypt to buy grain since they were the only country that had saved and prepared.
That will lead us to the people that came from all over to purchase grain for the next lesson. Everyone had to see Joseph to do so.
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