Life of Joseph Series: 7. Joseph Sees His Brothers

Friday, October 18, 2019
Joseph Sees His Brothers is number 7 in the Life of Joseph series and is found in Genesis 42.
While Joseph was in prison, Pharaoh’s chief butler and chief baker each had a dream. Joseph told them that only God can interpret the dreams. Joseph explained what their dreams meant. The chief butler finally remembered Joseph when Pharaoh couldn’t find anyone to interpret his dreams.
Joseph told Pharaoh that God interprets the dreams. Both of Pharaoh’s dreams meant the same thing. There would be seven good, plentiful years of crops. Then there would be seven years of extreme famine. Joseph said the famine years would be so bad that the people would forget the previous good years.
He told Pharaoh that he should pick a ‘discerning and wise man’ to store one-fifth of every crop for the next seven good years. Then Egypt would have enough food for the seven years of famine. Pharaoh decided Joseph would be the man in charge of reserving the food. Joseph is second in command in Egypt only after Pharaoh.
Joseph saved so much during the seven good years that he stopped counting it! Now it is during the famine and anyone that wants grain has to see Joseph. People started coming from other countries to purchase grain in Egypt.
Jacob heard that there was grain in Egypt and decided to send his sons to buy some. He didn’t send Benjamin; so, ten of Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt. Joseph was the governor over all the land of Egypt and the brothers had to go to him to buy the grain. They bowed down before Joseph and didn’t know who he was. But, Joseph recognized them. He treated them like strangers.
Joseph told them they were spies and they denied it. They said they were brothers from Canaan trying to buy grain. One brother was at home and another brother is no more. Joseph put them in prison for three days and said they would be tested.
Joseph went to talk to them and said to leave a brother and the others could take the grain to their homes. They were to return with their youngest brother and Joseph would release the brother that stayed behind. The brothers talked and thought this was happening because of what they did to Joseph. They didn’t know that Joseph could understand them and he cried when he heard them talking.
Joseph kept Simeon and tied him up. Joseph commanded that their bags be filled with grain and to put their money back in the bag, too. They gave them supplies to return home. One of the brothers found his money when they stopped to rest and to feed the donkeys. They were scared and wondered why that happened to them.
They told Jacob what happened when they returned home. The governor of Egypt said they were spies and they had to bring their youngest brother back to release Simeon. The other brothers found their money in their grain bags also! When they found their money in the grain bags, they were really afraid.
Jacob did not want to let Benjamin return to Egypt when they went again. He was afraid that he has lost Simeon and he lost Joseph. Reuben promised that he would return with Simeon and Benjamin though when they went to Egypt the next time.
This review pack includes the question and answer worksheet, a maze in color and black and white, a Word Search and a thought worksheet to discuss how Joseph might have felt when he saw his brothers and why would he make the choices that he did. There is a teacher's answer sheet for all the worksheets except for the thought worksheet since it is just thoughts and a conversation starter.
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There is a visual(s) for each event that is in these chapters.

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