Life of Joseph Series: 9. Benjamin Has Joseph's Cup

Friday, November 1, 2019
Benjamin has Joseph's Cup lesson is number 9 in the Life of Joseph series found in Genesis 44.
Joseph has been in Egypt for years. He has a family. He is very powerful. He is the governor. He is second in charge only after Pharaoh. Joseph was put in charge of saving grain during seven good years. Now, during the famine, people from all over are coming to Egypt to buy grain. Pharaoh said anyone that wants to buy grain has to see Joseph.
Joseph’s brothers have visited Egypt to buy grain. Benjamin didn’t go the first time, but Joseph said not to come without him the next time they came. Joseph kept Simeon as a prisoner until they returned. They didn’t recognize Joseph. But, he knew who they were.
They returned to Egypt so all of Joseph’s brothers were now in Egypt. They brought gifts to the governor. They also tried to return the money that was found in their grain bags the last time they left. Simeon was taken out of prison and Joseph had a meal with all of them.
Joseph told his steward to fill each person’s grain bag with food and put their money inside at the top of each bag. But, Joseph wanted his silver cup to be put at the top with the money of the youngest brother’s bag.
Early the next morning, the brothers left with their donkeys. They were out of the city, but had not traveled very far when Joseph sent his steward after them. Joseph said to follow them and when you catch up, ask them “Why have they repaid evil for good? Is this the one that the governor drinks from? You have done evil.”
When the steward caught up to them, he repeated what Joseph said. They asked him “Why do you say these things? We would not do these things! Remember, we brought back the money that we found in our bags from the last trip. We wouldn’t steal from the governor’s house. If you find anything with us, he should die and we will become your servants.”
They agreed and everyone quickly unloaded their grain bags and opened them up. They began the search with the oldest brother and they found the silver cup in Benjamin’s bag. They were so upset, they tore their clothes. Then they reloaded their bags onto their donkeys and returned to the city.
Joseph was still at his house when they returned. They bowed down (or “fell before him on the ground”). Joseph asked them what have they done? Didn’t they know that he practiced prophecy?
Judah asked Joseph “What can we say? How can we clear ourselves? God knows our sins and we are your servants.” But Joseph replied that “Far be it that I should do that. Only the man that had the cup will be my slave. As for the rest of you, return to your father in peace.”
Judah walked closer to Joseph and asked to speak to him. He asked him not to be angry because “you are even like Pharaoh.” He explained that Joseph had asked about their family and they told him about their father and youngest brother. He said they tried to tell him that their father would die if Benjamin left. But Joseph said they wouldn’t see him without Benjamin the next time. We needed to buy food, so our father told us to return and take the youngest with us.
Judah continued telling Joseph that if they returned to Canaan without Benjamin, their father would die. He has already lost one son that had the same mother.
Judah asked Joseph if he could stay as a servant to Joseph and let Benjamin return to their father with his brothers. He told Joseph “How can I return to my father without my youngest brother and watch my father die because he’s not with us?”

We will continue this and find out how Joseph answered Judah's request in the next lesson.
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