Life of Joseph Series: 13. Joseph and His Family

Friday, December 6, 2019
This is the final lesson in the Life of Joseph series.
This also includes printables for the Twelve Tribes of Israel as discussed in Genesis 49.
Scripture is Genesis 47-50
Joseph was second in charge after Pharaoh. He had a family and his father Jacob has moved to Egypt. His brothers and their families have also moved to Egypt and they lived in the land of Goshen. The famine was so bad that the people have traded their livestock and land for food. Joseph is in charge of making the trade and then he gave the money, animals and land to Pharaoh. Pharaoh owns all the land now except for the priest’s land.
Jacob did well living in Egypt and he prospered. He lived in Egypt for 17 years. When Jacob/Israel knew he was close to dying, he called for Joseph to come. Jacob was 147 years old. He asked Joseph to promise to take him from Egypt and bury him in his family’s burial place when he died. Joseph promised that he would.
After a time, Joseph was told that his father was sick. Joseph took his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim with him to visit his father. When Jacob heard that Joseph was there to visit him, he sat up in his bed.
Jacob told Joseph that God blessed him and told him that he would have a large family and the land of Canaan would belong to his descendants forever. Jacob said his sons and their sons are a part of him.
Jacob was old and couldn’t see good and asked Joseph who the boys were that were with him. He told his father that they were his sons and were born to him in Egypt. Jacob wanted to bless them and told Joseph that he didn’t think he would ever see Joseph’s face again (when he thought Joseph was dead). But, now God allowed him to see Joseph and even his sons.
Joseph took Ephraim (the youngest) with his right hand and Manasseh (firstborn) with his left and took them close to Jacob. He asked God to bless them, to let them remember God and to multiply their families.
Joseph saw that Jacob had his hand on Ephraim’s head and didn’t like that the younger son was receiving the blessing. He thought his older son should. Jacob told him that although his firstborn Manasseh would be great; his younger brother Ephraim would be greater. His descendants would be a multitude of nations.
Jacob told Joseph that he was dying and had given him one portion of land more than his brothers were given. Jacob had fought for it himself with his sword and bow.
He talked to his other sons and blessed each of them. He told them to bury him with his ancestors in the cave in the land of Canaan. It was the cave that Abraham had purchased.  Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah and Leah were buried there.
Joseph cried when Jacob died and told the doctors to embalm him. It took them 40 days to embalm people and the Egyptians mourned Jacob for 70 days. Joseph asked Pharaoh if he could bury his father in Canaan like he promised to. There was a great number of people (Egyptian and his family) that went with Joseph to bury Jacob. They mourned for another 7 days at the threshing floor of Atad. Everyone returned to Egypt.
Once their father was buried, the brothers began to worry about Joseph. They thought he might hate them and want to punish them for their evil they did to him. Joseph cried when he heard this and told them not to be afraid. He comforted them and spoke kind words to reassure them. Joseph told them not to be afraid. He said he would take care of them and their children.
Joseph continued living in Egypt and lived 110 years. He was able to see three generations of Ephraim’s children. He told his family that he was dying and said that God would keep His promise to take them back to Canaan. When they returned to Canaan, they should take his bones with them when they left Egypt. Joseph was embalmed and put in a coffin in Egypt. He stayed faithful to God.
The application pack includes the question and answer worksheet with a teacher's answer sheet. There is a maze in color and black & white with answer sheet. There is a Word Match with answer sheet. The application worksheet discusses Joseph and how he did such a good job. Then students compare and think about things in their every day life that they can improve to be like Joseph. Click here to download.
Yes, this is a boring chart for kids, but it is the facts only. The ages are listed with the scripture to find it. Some of the events can be guessed at, but it is blank if we are not told. It is a good way for them to see Joseph's life in order and see it in scripture when everything happened.
This pack is designed to discuss Jacob's final discussion with his sons in Genesis 49:2-28. There are worksheets in color and black & white. The banners and posters will make great individual visuals and bulletin boards. These can be used to add another lesson about The Sons of Jacob vs, The Tribes of Israel. Click here to download.
This set of posters can be used as a flip chart to teach about Jacob's sons and they can be used as a bulletin board. I included the single chart you see above. There are single posters for each son on a full sheet and 2 per page if you want smaller or want to save ink. These are in color only. 

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