Noah's Ark Song & Paper Plate Project

Monday, January 27, 2020

There are a couple of projects in the Life of Noah overview pack available here.
And there are several songs for Noah available ~ just put Noah songs in the search bar to the right to find them.
Anyway, here is another one! This just flowed and is a song the students will enjoy with the London Bridge style repetition. This has the standard one-page black & white song and the color flip chart.
Kids love paper plate crafts! This one is fun because the ark makes a pocket and the animals will slide 'inside' the ark. You can purchase small animals instead of printing the 7 on one page that are included. Yes, there are only 7 pair. That is what is included in the clipart from the designer. No, there are not dinosaurs. They are not part of the clipart set. They are not left out intentionally. If you would like more animals, click here for a different set of Noah printables that has more and can be printed instead. I used this clipart this time because Noah's sons and the wives were included.
Depending on the age, you might want to prepare the paper plate ark before class. I did because I wanted the glue to be dry so the animals could be walked to the ark and be put inside.

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