Assorted Bulletin Boards

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Listen & Silent are spelled with the same letters. James 1:19
I used pewter round brads to attach the flags to black ribbon.
You can download the pictures, flags, the words: and, spelled & same and the scripture frame.
This beautiful bulletin board was done by Emma Carey.
Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace in difficulties.
This bulletin board was done by Jen Farmer. It not only has a good message, but the flowers are beautiful. They are mostly quilled with the greenery added to make a nice gentle, pop on the design.
I used an assortment of items to create this wood pallet word board ! I purchased the Be Kind poster and cut off the top and bottom extra piece of wood to make it fit. I cut each word/phrase from the Today poster and used what I felt was appropriate to Christian living. I used a 22 gauge thick bronze craft wire to hang the lightbulbs. I used the wire to poke the hole and strung them across the top. I already had this bulletin board background up and reused it. I used the READ, Key, LEARN, & symbol and dividers from this set. The scripture  letters are from this set. These letters are made for these posters, but my store didn't have them in stock. So, I used what I already had. ☺
If you are looking for a quick and easy bulletin board with a meaningful message, here is one! I used jute (or ribbon) to connect the LOVE hearts to create the banner. The ‘one another’ banner will need pieced together. Love One Another 1 John 4:7 
 Click here to download.
This is a super easy one I like for my classroom. You can purchase this set, or any other ready-to-use letters or cut your own. I used a chevron background and this heart border. I had the background up and reused it. I added the students pictures and their name on a water color heart. I also added several that just say YOU for visitors without pictures. They love coming in and seeing their photo on the board!
Click here to download the assorted water color hearts.
Another easy one is God's Love is Amazing. I wanted a simple Life of Jesus bulletin board. I used this for the top and added His parents, birth, miracles & parables, the cross and resurrection. I didn't use a border because I wanted the God's love banner to pop at the top and the flag on the side hangs off also.

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