Abraham's Promise From God

Monday, February 10, 2020
Thanks to Haley Wilson for sharing her photos and ideas! Haley teaches one of the preschool classes with Glenda Wilson. And Glenda creates most of the ideas that Haley uses. Haley says we need this or that and Glenda creates it! Thanks to both for permitting me to share!
Glenda strung glow-in-the-dark stars they found at Dollar Tree. They found the stuffed stars here as shown in the first photo. The mobiles can lay against the wall or hang like a picture. Stars were found at Wal Mart; although any glow-in-the-dark stars will work.
Or, you can create a paper star mobile for Abraham. Print on cardstock and attach with yarn or string. Older students can write about God's promises on the stars, or what God has given them. Or, events from Abraham's life. Or, whatever you decide to discuss. They can be cut and glued to a larger piece of paper to create a poster.  Click here to download.
http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2016/09/16-genesis-gods-promise-to-abraham.html  http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2013/07/genesis-abraham-sarah.html
Click here to see the preschool lesson & printables.
Click here to see the early elementary lesson & printables.

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