Jacob's Sons Song & More

Monday, February 24, 2020
Thanks to Jeanne Dickson for a new song about Jacob and his 12 sons.
There are also some updated visuals and worksheets.

Jeanne's song has the standard color flipchart and black & white one-page song printables.
The stand-up visuals below will work great with this song also.
These visuals are two to a page and are fun and easy to use. Print, cut and fold and they are ready to use. You can line them up on the table in front of you and point to each one as you sing or discuss the brothers. Or, put them on the table as you sing the song or discuss Jacob's sons. Click here to download.
This crossword was created by Jeanne Dickson. This includes the student and teacher's worksheets. Click here to download.

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There are several!

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