Job's Life

Friday, July 24, 2020
This is a great lesson about staying faithful and can easily be taught in one session. This covers the whole book of Job and although his friends are mentioned, this doesn’t go in-depth about their conversations.
These information Anchor Charts, worksheets and more are in the lesson and application pack.
 This accordion includes the different options as shown. The first two are blank for students to write how they can show their faith in God in each section. The last two are black and white for younger students that can't write. They can color or look at the pictures as you discuss the different places and how they should act or things they can do to show their love for Jesus.
This is a Job's Life Sequencing Timeline. There is a completed one (right) for a teacher's visual, if you are keeping a notebook and just want it as a chart, or you do not like the cut and glue. If the students only put glue above the dotted line, they will have a lift-the-flap with the information under each photo.
Scripture Reference

Job 1:2 family
Job 1:3 possessions
Job 1:22 he didn’t blame God
Job 2:8 used a potsherd to scrape the boils
Job 16:2 Job said his friends were miserable comforters!
Job 38: 1 God came in a whirlwind
Job 41:11 Everything under the sun is God’s
Job 42:1 Job replied God can do everything
Job 42:7 Job spoke what was right
Job 42:10 Job’s losses restored after he prayed for his friends

Ezekiel 14:14 Job was righteous (lived right)
Ezekiel 14:20 Job stayed righteous
James 5:11 Job persevered
This is from an old post and the students love it! We bought this pot and broke it into the pieces. My husband used it with a teen class and it is a cheap but good hands-on visual. Click here to see the original post.
Not all are shown.
Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)

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