Peter's Life

Friday, October 30, 2020
Peter is a long lesson and will need to be divided or condensed. The people that have their own lesson are not mentioned. Those scriptures are listed though.
The above information Anchor Charts, worksheets and more are included the lesson and application pack.
There are two options for a door hanger. The students can write what they can do to obey God on the plain one (or both). The spinner has lines to write how they ought to obey God and for younger students, they can trace the words. Any answers can be used that you want to discuss. These are great for conversation starters. See more information on the last page of the download.
These are Peter's Life Sequencing Timelines. His life is divided by his life in the Gospels with Jesus and the book of Acts. There is a completed one (right) for a teacher's visual, if you are keeping a notebook and just want it as a chart, or you do not like the cut and glue. If the students only put glue above the dotted line, they will have a lift-the-flap with the information under each photo.
Scripture Reference

John 1:43 Peter lived in Bethsaida
Luke 5:1-11 Peter followed Jesus
Matthew 4:18 Mark 1:16-18 Jesus told Peter and Andrew to “Follow Me”
Mark 3:16 Luke 6:14 Jesus named him Peter
John 1:42 Jesus called Peter Cephas = The Rock
Matthew 8:14-15 Mark 1:29-31 Luke 4:38-39 Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law
Matthew 14:22-32 Peter walked on water
Matthew 16:13-19
Matthew 17:1-8 Luke 9:28-35 the transfiguration of Jesus
Luke 22:8 + the Lord’s Supper
Luke 22:32 Jesus said He prayed for Peter
Matthew 26:51-52 Mark 14:47 Luke 22:50 John 18:10-11 he cut off Malchus’ ear
Luke 22:55 Peter sat around the fire at the courtyard
Luke 22:61 Jesus looked at Peter when the rooster crowed
John 21:1-14 Jesus serves breakfast

Acts 1:9 Jesus returned to heaven
Acts 2:14 Peter stood up to preach the first sermon
Acts 2:37-38 Repent and be baptized for the remission of sins
Acts 3:9 Peter and John heal the lame man
Acts 4:22 lame man was over 40 years old
Acts 4:3-4 taken prisoners and over 5,000 believed
Acts 5:1-11 Ananias & Sapphira (next lesson)
Acts 5:15 miracles
Acts 6:18 + prison again with the apostles
Acts 5:28-29 We obey God
Acts 9:32-35 Aeneas
Acts 9:36-42 Dorcas AKA Tabitha (lesson40)
Acts 10 vision and Cornelius (lesson 41)
Acts 12:3-19 Peter freed from prison
(They are the same as the visuals, but black & white.)

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