Dorcas AKA Tabitha's Life

Friday, November 13, 2020
Tabitha AKA Dorcas is a shorter lesson. This is combined with Aeneas being healed since it is a good introduction to Dorcas.

The following Anchor Charts, worksheets and more are in the lesson and application pack.
These information Anchor Charts are included.
This shape book has a house for the cover and the pages inside the house are shirts. There are  pictures to review the lesson and blank pages for application. There is a suggestion list of stickers to make it more interactive. You can use whatever is available and appropriate. Color and black & white are included.
This is a Sequencing Timeline for Aeneas and Dorcas. There is a completed one (right) for a teacher's visual, if you are keeping a notebook and just want it as a chart, or you do not like the cut and glue. If the students only put glue above the dotted line, they will have a lift-the-flap with the information under each photo.
Scripture Reference
Acts 5:14-16 people hoped for Peter’s shadow to heal them
Acts 5:42 taught about Jesus daily
Acts 9:32-35 Aeneas healed
Acts 9:36 Tabitha/Dorcas
Acts 9:39 the widows showed Peter the clothes Dorcas had given them
Acts 9:42 many believed
(They are the same as the visuals, but black & white.)

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