Letters Paul Wrote

Tuesday, December 1, 2020
A short post with assorted printables to review the Letters Paul Wrote.
I intended to add these to a different post, but decided to make a new post for these. These are for reviewing the letters that Paul wrote. They can be their own lesson, or added to what you are teaching. The top poster has the letters listed and the color and black & white is included.
 The bottom left has scriptures to look up the main point. These can be used to create a whole lesson by looking up scriptures and discussing what Paul is writing about. I picked scriptures that are usually taught when teaching Paul's Letters. Two of them have two to discuss. Students will draw a line from the letter to the matching topic. A teacher's answer sheet is included.
The worksheet on the bottom right is a Word Scramble and students will list the Letters Paul Wrote by unscrambling the word list. There is a teacher's answer sheet for this also.
Click here to see more review printables for Paul's Letters.
The printables can be used with the Life Overview of Paul.

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