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Monday, January 18, 2021
Although this bulletin board shows Jesus, this can be used for any Bible lesson series.
This is mostly to give you an idea for this type of bulletin board.
First, I found this clipart and knew what I wanted to use it for! I used this Summer Horizon background that is perfect because it already had grass and the sky. I found gold letters and border; although I didn't use the border. The letters are so shiny, I can't get a decent picture of the title.  My daughter thought up the title for me because I had something in my head and just didn't feel like it was what I wanted.
Then I found the cutest mine cart display at my local teacher's store and couldn't believe it when they sold it to me … for a lot cheaper than I was willing to pay for it. Yah! So, I found these pencils to put in the cart and let the kids use during our Jesus study.
I purchased the Kids Mining graphics here. I can't share them because of how they are used. Whatever Bible lessons you want to use these for, you can add the pictures directly on the cart or print the carts and add your pictures after. It is easier to put the cart on the track and print, rather than cut them individually. I did find some carts and a mountain cave that I can share for you to use, but they aren't as cute as the set that is pictured. These are free, but very rustic and realistic.
 Click here to download.

Click on the underlined descriptions to download free graphics at Pixabay:

black & white cave and tracks and the color version of a cave and tracks

color graphic of a mining car and another ore mining cart and a cart off center

mining symbol for sign

miners hardhat with lamp graphic

pickaxe graphic and another pickaxe graphic

mining ingots graphic

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