Fruit of the Spirit Game & More!

Monday, January 25, 2021
Fun new Fruit of the Spirit Game, worksheets and File Folder Game!
Sort the Good and Bad apples Game by Jeanne Dickson.

Thanks so much to Jeanne Dickson for permission to share this game idea and pictures!
There is so much hands-on learning fun for the Fruit of the Spirit!
There are 9 Fruit of the Spirit good apples and 9 Works of the flesh bad apples and a page of blank mixed apples. These will work best if printed on cardstock. Cut them out and shuffle them.
Draw a tree using the template expanded onto poster board, tri-fold science board or a white board or chalkboard.
How Jeanne used the cards for the game:
Pick a card from the pile and say the word on the apple. Do not let the kids see the apple until they say if it is good or bad.
If it is a good apple, they can attach it to the tree. Depending on how you design your tree, tape, magnets or Velcro can be used.
For the bad apples:
Students can wad up the bad apples and throw them into the trash (Jeanne’s was made from a square tissue box). This frequently took several attempts before they managed to get it into the trash can.
I love this part: Sort of like we have trouble letting go of our "bad habits" and throwing them away for good.
These worksheets are included. The first worksheet is designed for the student to draw a line from the word to the correct tree label. The second is basically the same concept, but students can cut and glue the words to the correct column.
Note: The file folder game uses the same apples designed for the game to lay on the correct tree. This can be made into a file folder game or glue the cover to a large envelope and put the 'game boards' and apples inside to store. These are great for early arrivers or review!
Click here to download everything shown above.
 Click here to see Jeanne's song for the Fruit of the Spirit.

Click here to see a lesson, visuals and more ideas.

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