Bible Bulletin Boards

Monday, March 22, 2021
Assorted Bible Bulletin Boards including a couple for Fall!
This poster bulletin board was designed by Emma Carey. There is a colorful double border with matching designer circles on the top ends. The posters are an assortment of scriptures and quotes with the matching colors of dots and fonts on each poster.
This is a great Fall bulletin board! I used this white wood background. I had it on the board already and looked great to use again! I used this tree on the left. and cut out the fall leaves from this border. I wanted smaller leaves for this tree. I used the Kindness LEAVES others Encouraged lettering from this set. I added the Eph. 4:32 kindness scripture to the bottom of the tree to complete the Bible bulletin board.
Growing in God's Word is a new bulletin board set found here. There are a couple of ways to use it. I wanted it as tall as I could make it since I put it directly on the wall. The Growing in God  sign includes a stick to use it as a regular sign, but I added it to the tree, I put it between sections to look like it is 'nailed' to it. I used the colorful leaves I had from this set (shown in the bulletin board set above). There are colorful leaves in the file download. I love the colors and I don't have to change them for the seasons! The manufacturer uses the hearts as the leaves. I wanted to create an outdoor scene with some animals and flowers that God created, so the sun, flying birds, flowers and squirrel are included in the file download. The scripture hearts that are included with this set have the verse written on the front and where it is found on the back. So I didn't staple them directly to the wall. I used white (or green) paper clips to hang them. I opened them to look like an S hook. Add a hole to put one end of the hook through, then put the other end through a tree branch. I used a tiny hole punch, but use whatever you have available. The hearts dangle and students can read each side. I also added some hearts with scriptures I like or we use and just stapled them directly to the wall. They are also in the file to download.
This Back to School bulletin was created by Arinne Alsup. The sun is layered to make the different colors and there are different choices for the students to think about on the white sun rays. Arinne added: Have courage, Show love, Forgive, Be a leader, Pray more, Be kind.

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