Through the Roof!

Monday, March 8, 2021

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Thanks to Haley for permission to share this project!
This is the completed box visual aid. Cut off the front as shown and however will work best for your box. Haley removed the bottom also.
Haley rolled construction paper to help Jesus stand up. You will need string or yarn to attach to the man on the bed. The length will depend on the size of the box you are using.
This show the hole cut in the top. It needs to be big enough to put the man in the bed down through. Use some pieces of the cardboard to tie the other ends of the string or yarn to lift the man in the bed down into the house to Jesus as shown.
The download contains two sets of pictures to use. The first set is clipart and the second pictures are from Sweet. They both have color and black & white (although the Sweet black & white are not perfect.) There are a couple sizes to choose from. You can even use the intro (first two pages) if you need smaller ones, or want the students to use them. You might want to use a tissue box (or whatever you have) and let the students make one.

Coming April 5th.

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