Jesus Ascends to Heaven Game

Monday, July 12, 2021

Here's a fun way to review! This game was designed by Jeanne Dickson. Thanks to Jeanne for permission to share her photo and instructions with you!

After the lesson, we played a game called "Jesus Ascends to Heaven". I drew lines on my chalkboard, so that we could move Jesus up to the clouds with each correct answer. The chalkboard is about 4 foot wide, so that yard stick came in handy to make fairly even and straight lines.  Add a line of clouds across the top for Jesus to disappear into.
Notes from Jeanne:
The kids decided that they wanted to divide up into teams (2 per team) and play against each that way. I had about 25 questions from the lesson for them to answer. Each time they answered correctly, they moved up a line. If they missed, the other team got a chance to answer. 
Both teams were rewarded with little treats (winners got an orange drink, while the losers got a couple of pieces of gum/candy). This is a fun way to find out how well they paid attention and how much they remembered.


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