Jesus is Seen After His Resurrection!

Monday, July 5, 2021
 A new song by Jeanne Dickson and a couple new activity printables.
Thanks so much to Jeanne Dickson for permission to share her songs and recreate her activity papers! The song has the standard one-page black and white song and the color flipchart.

Click here to download the song.
This activity paper shows Jesus standing with His apostles and then by unfolding the paper, Jesus returns to Heaven in the clouds. This includes the color and black & white with easy directions.
Foldables are great! This can be used with non-readers to review the people that saw Jesus before He returned to heaven. Readers can look up the scriptures to read and retell about the people that saw Jesus after His resurrection. This is a copycat of Jeanne's foldable. But it is not exact because of the pictures available to me to share here. So I changed it a bit! The color and black & white are both included.

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