Constructive Construction Bulletin Board

Monday, July 26, 2021
This is one of those sets that I found when I wasn't looking and it led to more...
I was just standing in line,
minding my own business...
I looked up and saw this display!
It was obvious to me that by adding scriptures,
it could be a cute ~ but make -you-think bulletin board.
It includes the title, signs and some tools. I added some scriptures to the signs and printed tools with scriptures. There are several sets and borders to choose from.
I used this construction straight border. I added the kids and hard hat.
I used the mint wood grain because I love the color and I just happened to take it down in another room and could reuse it in mine!☺ The white would look better, though.
The download includes the scripture to add to the yellow signs in the purchased pack, more signs, tools and more. Click here to download.
I put this bulletin board up in 2019 and we finalized the lessons in 2019 to use for 2020. So, this was ready for 2020, but was put on hold because of Covid.
This also led to our 2020 2021 VBS theme that will be available next month!
We taught about Aaron, Jonah, Peter and Paul.
(Available August 3)

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  1. Wow this is so cute! Great for Vacation bible school but also to give to little ones so they can sit still during a sermon!


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