Book of James: The Tongue

Friday, November 26, 2021

Thanks so much to Jeanne Dickson! Again! Jeanne wrote the lesson, added a great song and created the worksheet. Thanks for letting me recreate and share. 

I love this song! It's an easy tune you already know... Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes What You See. The file has the standard one-page song and flipchart with assorted pictures of kids.
Both of these worksheets are recreated from Jeanne's original worksheets. The second worksheet has the teacher's answer sheet included.
These are Concept Charts/Graphic Organizers. They are intentionally plain with a basic question for your discussion and the students write the thoughts discussed. These are by chapter and the number for each question is the verse in that specific chapter. Temptation is chapter 1, Love your Neighbor is chapter 2 and the Tongue is chapter 3.
STOP & THINK mazes for discussing temptation in James 1. the word search is about the tongue in James 3 and has the teacher's answer sheet.

These printables can be used for this lesson and any other appropriate lesson and were kept plain intentionally for this purpose. Students can color or paint the designs on the banner, door hanger and bookmark. Stickers can be added. String or ribbon can be added to the banner to hang and on the bookmark.
These Sweet Publishing visuals from James are updated and included in the application file.

These Anchor Charts are included in the application pack.

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