Baby Moses File Folder Fun

Monday, June 27, 2022
The File Folder Fun are slightly different from File Folder Games. These are more like a hands-on visual to retell what they learned with everything stored with the file. Super easy to make, use and keep!
This is a copycat from a file folder that Jeanne Dickson made. Thanks to Jeanne for permission to recreate and design more for other Bible lessons. File folders can be used different ways... so use your imagination! The teacher can use this as a visual aid. The students like them because the people can be moved around. Kids love to use them to retell what they learned. They can also be left on a table for early arrivers. Laminate them so they can be wiped and reused especially during cold/flu seasons. Or, they can be taken home. File folders are so great because everything is contained inside and easy to use. If you prefer, you can glue the cover onto a large 10x13 envelope and store the pieces inside. If you are keeping a ring notebook, you can put the pieces in clear page protectors to use.
This was the first one I designed, so I wasn't sure how I wanted to make the backgrounds. this has three options as shown. You can mix and match color with black & white. I like to prep items like this before class. Kids can add appropriate stickers to the background. Some of the pages will need to be trimmed down on the sides to fit your file folder.
The people can be attached to craft sticks. Add an envelope to the back of the folder to store them in. 
This was a "Wait! Let me do it!" moment. He placed the people and retold me about Moses and moved them around. "Can I do it again?" This file folder is approved by the preschooler!

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