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Monday, July 18, 2022

There is an assortment of worksheets for Moses and even some extra fun ideas! The worksheets were recreated with permission and were originally designed by Jeanne Dickson.

Thanks so much Jeanne for permission to recreate and share!

I divided the worksheets because there are so many! These are different from what you will see in the packs I create since these are Jeanne Dickson originals. I copycat them as best as I can with the graphics I can share here. I added a teacher's answer sheet for each worksheet.
This file has:
 Baby Moses  
The Ten Plagues
The Battle with Amalek
Jethro: Moses Needs Judges
The Tabernacle
The Golden Calf

The Golden Calf includes a worksheet with and without the graphics.

Amalek Battle Extra: Notes from Jeanne. Exodus 17:8-16

The first idea is to have the students hold their arms up while the teacher tells the lesson so they would know how it felt for Moses.

The second idea is to play a game where all the kids start off with their arms in the air. The teacher asks questions about the lesson. If they answer correctly, their arms stay up and they are winning. If they can't answer the question, their arms go down and they are losing. This continues until you run out of questions, or you run out of time. The ones with their arms still up in the air were the winning Israelites, while the others were the Amalekites. Another fun idea

Jethro and the Judges Extra Notes from Jeanne. (Names were changed.) Exodus 18

This lesson focused on Moses doing some problem solving with the Israelites. He could spend all day long doing this! So, like Moses, we did a little problem solving of our own. Sam found a nickel on the table when he got to class. He asked about it but didn’t pick it up.

Addi came into class, saw the nickel and picked it up. She declared it was now her nickel, which prompted Sam to say it was his. I took the nickel from them and said, “This will come in handy for our lesson tonight.”

At the proper time, I brought the nickel out and recounted the earlier events. I said, “Sam found the coin, so finders keepers, loosers weepers; BUT Addi picked it up, so possession is nine-tenths of the law. What should I do?

Mina, being a judge, spoke up and said, “It belongs to Sam.” Problem solved. See, Moses had been dealing with little problems like this, but once he had the judges to help him out, he didn’t have to worry about the small stuff anymore.
The second file contains the following worksheets for:
Nadab & Abihu
Clean vs. Unclean
The Twelve Spies
Moses Disobeys God

The teacher's answer sheets are included. Click here to download set #2.
To make this bunch of grapes with the review questions inside, Print the questions and cut into strips. Fold and insert a question into each purple balloon. Blow them up and tie them together to look like a bunch of purple grapes. Jeanne let the students pick a balloon and she popped it with scissors. The student would usually have to find the question after it popped out of the balloon! The teacher will hold the question to read it, because the answer is included under the question. Or print the pages with the question only and let the students read it. They keep the slip of paper if they answer correctly and the one with the most is the winner.

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