Noah's Ark

Monday, August 8, 2022
Thanks to Haley Wilson for sharing pictures and ideas from our Noah's Ark VBS. Haley taught preschool ages 3-4 and kept them in her classroom for the whole time! Using different areas in the classroom with various activities and more kept the kids interested and happy!
Haley borrowed an interactive flip chart book as part of the lesson and sent me photos of the pages so I could recreate it and share. I love this book! There is a lot to keep the student's attention. I added a lot of directions to make it easy. Print on cardstock and laminate to reuse it for a lot of years. I use book rings to keep the numbered pages together and usually remove them while I am teaching. There is an assortment of food and animals to choose from and you don't have to print them all. I used pictures of real food and real animals (not clipart). Obviously, there isn't a photo of every kind of fruit or animal, just what I could find that related to Noah. I used pairs of animals that I could find and permitted to reuse. This is definitely a keeper! Click here to download.
There are several activities and ideas in this file. It's a good assortment with directions.
This is a very huge wall Haley decorated for Paul the first night, then removed the sail & pole for Noah the next night. The preschoolers could walk into the boat with their animal masks and that is too much fun for kids!
One idea Haley used was to have the kids put on animal masks or headbands and walk into the ark that was set up. That's fun! She found the pictured masks at Hobby Lobby in the party section. There are headbands here and animal masks here. You can find them at a lot of places, including Amazon, Party City, Michaels, etc. There are a lot of options here if you prefer to print your own.
This file has a lot of options with different styles and animals. These can also be used for Creation, or the kids can walk to 'Adam' (the teacher) and name the animals. Students can hold these, or wear as a headband, a mask with the eyes cut out, or attach to a large craft stick for them to hold.
Haley used this paper plate craft. If you would like to print one instead of purchasing the kit, click here to download it in a previous post by Haley.
This is another paper plate idea by Jeanne. Click here to see this and more Noah's ark VBS ideas.
Haley made this rainbow at the end of a cloud for her room. Fun with colors for preschool and something they can touch!
Use or borrow safe toys like these to discuss colors and God's rainbow. These are simple object lessons for preschoolers, and they love the hands-on.

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