Acts Chapter 8

Friday, June 2, 2023

Acts chapter 8 includes Peter teaching Simon and Philip teaching the Ethiopian Eunuch.

Most of the worksheets have the teacher's answer sheets included.

Most of the worksheets with scripture are paraphrased to fit the worksheet space.

To make the Flip Book, cut on the dotted line to separate the top from bottom. Cut the bottom pictures out on solid line. Layer in order and staple as shown on the gray rectangle. Fold the Foldable Book in half lengthwise, then fold in page 3, then fold the front cover on the line. The Spinner and Foldable Book are in color and black & white. The Flip Book and Spinner work best if printed on cardstock or heavier paper. Fold the Foldable Book in half lengthwise, then fold in page 3, then fold the front cover on the line.

The first worksheet is a fill in the blank. Instead of numbering these 1, 2, 3, etc., they are numbered with the verse to read first, then fill in the blanks using the Word Bank. The second and third were designed for those asking for cut & glue. They have an easy scripture that was paraphrased to cut out the words and glue them in order. The students will also write out the verse. This was a suggestion from a teacher.
Maze, word search and crossword
The first worksheet is a Words & Meanings. It has assorted words used in the text in the Word Bank, and students will write the correct word in the box that has the definition of each word. The second is like a Reader Worksheet but has pictures for the students to write the number under each to put them in order. The last is Who did it? There is a description for each person. The students will cut out the people and glue them to the correct description.

The Concept Chart is designed create discussions, look up and review main points in each chapter. They are intentionally kept plain so they can be used for each classroom's needs. This chart was designed to discuss the Ethiopian Eunuch being taught about Jesus. There is a blank space at the bottom for a main point, verse, or whatever you want to use it for. The blank space in the center can also be used.

The alphabet picture code and number code statements are 'Those who were scattered went everywhere preaching the word. Acts 8:4' It can be used to remind students even though they were leaving their homes because of persecution, we can still be faithful to God and teach others about Jesus.
They went down into the water, and he was baptized. Acts 5:38
and Repent and pray to God. Acts 5:22
These printables can be used for this lesson and any other appropriate lesson and were kept plain intentionally for this purpose. A key verse was chosen from the chapter to use for discussion, memory work, and copy work. Students can color or paint the designs on the banner, poster, door hanger and bookmark. Stickers can be added. String or ribbon can be added to the banner to hang and on the bookmark. I couldn't decide which verse to use, so I used both of them! The design for Acts 8:38 is wavy on purpose for water.

All visuals for Acts 8 are included.
All visuals are not shown.
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