Acts Chapter 16: Lydia

Monday, July 24, 2023

Lydia is found in Acts chapter 16. You can find the combined Acts chapter 16 printables here, and Paul and Silas here.

Most of the worksheets have the teacher's answer sheets included.

Most of the worksheets with scripture are paraphrased to fit the worksheet space.

To make the Flip Book, cut on the dotted line to separate the top from bottom. Cut the bottom pictures out on solid line. Layer in order and staple as shown on the gray rectangle. The Spinner will work best if printed on cardstock or heavier paper.

The 3-D scene is super easy to prepare and fun for the kids and can be used as a visual, too! Color and black & white are both included.

To create the 3-D scene,

1. Print on paper or cardstock, although cardstock works better.

2. Fold the paper in half.

3. Cut on black dotted lines on each side of the center rectangle. 

4.  Fold bottom of scene forward on gray solid line. Fold forward on top line. Fold backward on the inside line.

5. Cut the people on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines. These are designed to be reversable as you review the lesson.
The first worksheet is a fill in the blank. Instead of numbering these 1, 2, 3, etc., they are numbered with the verse to read first, then fill in the blanks using the Word Bank. This includes a couple verses about Paul and Silas in prison because they returned to Lydia's house and encouraged everyone before they left Philippi. The second was designed for those asking for cut & glue. It is an easy scripture to cut out the words and glue them in order. The students will also write out the verse. This was a suggestion from a teacher. The next is a word search and color by number worksheets. There is a number code and alphabet code worksheet.
I chose this verse because after Lydia was baptized, she begged them to stay at her house.
God is pleased when we do good and share. Hebrews 13:16

These printables can be used for this lesson and any other appropriate lesson and were kept plain intentionally for this purpose. Students can color or paint the designs on the banner, door hanger and bookmark and poster. Stickers can be added. String or ribbon can be added to the banner to hang and on the bookmark.

Click here to download the lesson and application printables.

As I was wandering through Dollar Tree, I found these seashell 'eggs'. Click here to see them. I also purchased these purple M&M's. I prepared them before class by cutting up some white paper napkins from a restaurant take home bag since they are thinner than a paper towel.

I put 25 candies per shell on the cut napkin and wrapped them the best I could and put the top on. (I made 20 shells with 25 M&M's each with some left over in case you need a general count of what a pound will make. You can use less if necessary.) I wanted the shell to look like the white organism that is inside a shell, and when they unwrap the napkin, there is purple inside. It is white until the air hits it and turns it purple or red. For the purpose of Lydia, I used purple. So fun! These shells can also be used for the Pearl of Great Price.

Notice the picture and tell the students how to open the outer shell so everything inside doesn't fall out. Hold the shell as shown and use a fingernail to pop it apart on the flat part of the shell.

This smaller set is included in the application pack and can be used for putting the events into sequence.

All visuals are not shown.

Click here to download free black & white maps for Paul's journeys at Free Bible Images.
Click here for links to all the lessons and 
more printables for this series not shown here.

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