Paul Name Pull

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Paul & Silas in prison name pull.

This one-page printable includes color and black and white.

There are two options for this printable. The clipart version has a better black and white picture, but the Sweet Publications version is more correct. In Acts 16:23, Luke tells us their feet were put into stocks to keep Paul and Silas secure. The Sweet pictures do not always switch to black and white perfectly, but this one is better than some.

Depending on your students ages and abilities, you may want to prepare these before class. Print and cut letters and rectangle as ONE PIECE. You can cut around the outside letters, or cut them as a square. This is your choice. Fold back on the A and U on the edges of the rectangle. Fold on the dotted lines. You will see Paul spelled out as shown. When the letters are pulled apart, the students can see Paul and Silas in prison on the inside.

Students can color the letters. Add music note stickers for more fun! (Or students can draw them if stickers are not available.)

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