More Bulletin Boards for the Church Building

Monday, September 4, 2023
This is an assortment of bulletin boards from an assortment of people!
They are basically in order of when they were used and/o I was given permission to share.
Thanks to everyone for permission to share your bulletin board ideas!
This board was done by Haley Wilson and makes a great colorful Spring bulletin board!
All the pieces were cut by hand. I found a free bird here you can download and use as a template if you need one.
Yvonne Welch put this bulletin board together from a set found here. This is the local teacher's supply store; you can use this is the information to find it at your store choice or online. (The Hive Motivational Gallery Wall by PAPER MAGIC GROUP) Add some scriptures to make a cute board. She used James 4:10, Proverbs 27:2, Colossians 3:12 and/or Proverbs 16:24.
This was done by Nathan Hubbard and the youth group. I am not even sure who all did it! But it's fun and everyone involved will think about it when they walk by and see it!
This was done by Yvonne Welch and makes a good statement with the Philippians 2:15 verse. This was created with a black (or chalkboard) background, the earth and sun and shiny stars and a gold border.
This snowman was made by Haley Wilson and some of the girls she was doing stuff with. You can see the pile of snow is fluffy and made with batting to add texture.
This was a board I designed to announce VBS. 
I used this set of armor and printed the border and labels. 
I used this soldier and added the shield that is included. This is thin, but I wanted a fun soldier for this board, and it is affordable.
You can see more with the links here.
This bulletin board can be purchased here. There are several different bulletin boards available, and I thought I would post the picture to show that they can be used to suit your own purpose. I did not use everything that is included. The paper is thinner than other sets purchased from teacher's supply stores, but that doesn't matter once it is up. It is hard to find Bible based bulletin board supplies, so I was happy to find these. It looks really nice completed and I refer to this after teaching the Good Samaritan parable, so it is a good reminder for the students. And, yes, it would look even better with a blue background! But this was already up, and I put it up after VBS, so I really didn't feel like changing it! Remember that these can be used on doors or wherever, too.
This bulletin board was purchased at Oriental Trading also. Thanks to Yvonne Welch for using it. This has a couple different options for Bible verses like the above Love thy Neighbor, so you can design it to be your own style. You don't have to use everything that is in the pack and backgrounds and arrangements will make it different for everybody. She used the yellow border on the top and sides and the blue on the bottom adds to the scene to look like water.
This Faith that Moves Mountains was done by Arinne Alsup. The scene was created using an assortment of colored bulletin board papers, then the words were added to finish this beautiful board.
Yvonne Welch used this set from Oriental Trading.  I love that you can use the basic set and design it to be your own look by just using some of the parts. 
This bulletin board is a fresh Spring and Summer idea by Yvonne Welch. Here are the words: 

God says you are…

Strong, Unique, Lovely, Chosen, Precious and Special with verses.
These final two bulletin boards were done by Boo AKA Cindy Boothe and her daughter. 
Both boards were originally found on Pinterest.
Cindy notes that she used a super size color printer at the church building to print flannelgraph to create the design. Thanks for sharing!

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