Saul Blinded by the Light

Monday, September 25, 2023

This amazing picture was drawn and painted by Hope Terlecki. I love all the details like the bright light in the background, Paul's skin tone and the path! Also, look for a scorpion and a snake she added for fun.  Amazing!
Hope painted these for me to share with you! Hope also designed a black & white of the bright light for the students to color. And another to share with the students, it is hard to find a picture to show what is meant about the goads in Acts 9:5. A perfect picture is included for that!

Hope has given permission to share this and for you to print and use. See the copyright page in the download for more information. 

If you get this popup when printing, click yes, because I saved it as close to the edge as I could, and you will have a bigger picture.

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