The Gibeonites Deceive the Israelites

Monday, October 2, 2023

Joshua 9
Thanks to Jeanne Dickson for permission to recreate (as close as possible with the resources I have available) and share this crossword! 
The puzzle is as shown and there is a completed teacher's answer sheet included.

 Preschool included:

Joshua Leads the Israelites in Numbers 27:18-23 & Joshua 3-4

The Walls of Jericho in Joshua 2 & 6

Other lessons and Newsletter Foldables included:

Rahab and the Two Spies in Numbers 27:18-23 & Joshua 2

Crossing the Jordan River in Joshua 3-4

The Walls of Jericho in Joshua 6

The Gibeonites Deceive Joshua in Joshua 9 

The Newsletter Foldable can be used as a review handout, sent in the mail or in an email, especially for those unable to be in class. The same lesson is included for the teacher.

 This is the inside with the lesson and pictures. On the outside, Jeanne adds notes and assorted items. She might add a Bible verse, memory verse, a Bible song or two, a picture to color, a reward reminder and/or notes about class and hello to students. You could add a puzzle, maze, worksheet, whatever you prefer.

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