Jesus is Baptized One-Page Craft

Monday, January 29, 2024

This one-page printable includes color and black and white.

Print (this works best on cardstock) and cut around outside edges leaving the tabs attached. Fold the top tab of the dove backwards and glue to the back of the top between the brackets. This is a lift the flap and can be folded to the front after Jesus is baptized. Cut to the edges of the paper to keep the tabs for the water on and fold the tabs on the sides of the water back and glue along the sides of the bottom to the back of the background. This will make the water pop out and be rounded in the front and help it stand up. The standup Jesus shows Him walking to John, then turn Him around and He can go into the water and go under (lay sideways) to be baptized. When Jesus comes up, bring the dove to the front.

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