Monday, June 25, 2012

Bible Mailbox Questions For Wall


This is not a great picture, but I have this on the wall with Bible Facts as the title (top right).
We use this for review about basic Bible knowledge (grades 1 & 2) when I have extra time.

The questions are on the labels with a clue picture, and the answer is inside on the letters.
What are the 2 parts of the Bible?
How many books/letters are in the Bible?
How many books are in the Old Testament?
How many books/letters are in the New Testament?
How many letters do we have from Paul?
What is the first book of the Bible?
What does the first book start with? (creation)
What is the first verse of the Bible?
Who wrote the first 5 books? (Say them)
What is the first book of the New Testament?
What does the first book (Matthew) tell us? (birth of Jesus)
 What is the last book of the Bible? Revelation (no s)

The mailbox can be found here.

On a wall right next to the mailbox, for further discussion, I have the numbers 39 with a plus sign and 27 with an equal sign with 66. Also 13 for the letters we have from Paul. You can find them here.


  1. I like the ideas you have and appreciate you sharing them with us. I clicked on this webpage and it says it's not there anymore.

    1. Thank you for the link update! They are putting together a new website, but if you want them, you can email them and ask for prices, etc. Here is the link until the new site is running:

  2. Hi, i'm brazilian and I loved your blog ( sorry my english is bad). Congratulations , I like the ideas , you have more ? Thanks


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