Monday, June 25, 2012

Random Adult Bible Bulletin Boards
Assorted Adult Bulletin Boards

This is a Summer Series bulletin board, but can be adjusted to
just Psalm 113:3. But, I wanted the sun up and going down.
For the above bulletin board, people were able to write things that they would like to change, or work on for the next year on the blank 'callouts (um, circle thingies on the grey paper!)'.
This was a Pinterest quote, with a scripture added, it is a good quick  bulletin board.
 Any treasure chest can be used, and I printed the scriptures directly on clipart.
The above is an older one, there is better clipart pics now!
The kids love anything with their name or picture on! Then, they can take it home. Also, there is perfect border for this set, with the yellow tape, that I have used since this photo was taken. And, it is missing the Bible scripture that was added later and  is always on my boards!

The bulletin board set can be found here.
The right "Time" bulletin board was used before I could print right on the
 clipart like the left bulletin board.
This is a plain bulletin board used for Jr. High. This is exactly what the teacher requested for what he had in mind. There are nicer butterfly pics now, and several choices for the Disciples.
Yes, this one has been done A LOT! But, the colors and font really looked good!


  1. could you tell me the bible verse you used on the "If you were Arrested" board

    1. Well, sorry, this is one of my earlier posts and I didn't put the information or graphics with these. Since my computer crashed, I don't have the info anymore either. But, just from a quick search in Timothy, I would use 1 Timothy 5:25: Likewise, the good works of some are clearly evident, and those that are otherwise cannot be hidden.

  2. HI, These are wonderful. Could you tell me where you printed the street signs for ...on the road to heaven? I am working on VBS and that is our theme. Thank you. Hope Schambach

    1. Sorry, I don't remember! This is an older post, but if you are asking about the person walking symbol, you can use this graphic and put it inside a black border. I believe the other signs look like they were in a bulletin board set. Walk symbol @ There are a lot of signs free @ Let me know if you need help creating the signs. There are larger signs @


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