Life of Paul Train Lift-The-Flap Review Visuals

Thursday, November 15, 2012
I use this train for our study in Acts. (I also use it for Genesis & Old Testament) You can find the train at your local teacher's supply store or here.

Each car has a short title to tell the kids what questions are inside. We use them for review, and I let them take turns putting the laminated papers back in the cars, which they think is great! This did get published in the very last issue, of the very last page of Ideashop by Gospel Advocate! Here is a closer look at a car:

This is basically what they look like. A question, a picture or clipart, and Lift-the-Flap answer. Most of the sets of visuals for each train car have the same picture/graphic, just different questions.

I used cardstock on the backs of the cars to make a pocket. Make sure the cardstock fits on the back and doesn't show on the front. It needs to be big enough to hold the question sheets. I glued around 3 edges of each piece of cardstock , bottom and the 2 sides, and used my Aleene's Tacky Glue to attach the cardstock to the back of the cars. Mine looks like this:
Just to give you an idea, my train cars are labeled with: Acts, Light, Basket, Lydia, Paul & Silas, Aquila & Priscilla, Eutychus, Jerusalem, "Trials", Malta, Rome.

Also, when I staple them to the wall, I line them up, and staple the pocket in the middle to the wall, then staple the sides of the car to the wall. That makes it a lot easier to put the worksheets back in the pockets.
Here are the visuals to print for each car. If you do not want to use the train, you can just use them for review at the beginning of each lesson, which is what I use them for.

Sorry, these are old pictures! The PDF's are much better!
Luke                                        Saul                                    Basket

For Lydia, you can print it with or without the fabric she is holding in the photo. If you print it with the fabric, it needs to be colored purple (This is all I could find). If you print without, you could glue a piece of purple fabric or felt instead (if you choose to). These are terrible photos, I can't get the cameras to get the correct border at the top, which is purple!

 w/o fabric

 with fabric
Prison                              Prison                               Tent
Eutychus                      Agabus                                       Agabus Belt
 There are 3 posters in this download (includes the 2 above)
'TRIALS'  There are 4 different posters with different pictures for the Trials train pocket.
(1) MALTA: Snakebit
There are 5 different posters (besides the Snakebit) with different pictures for the Malta train pocket.
ROME:  There are 3 different posters with different pictures for the Rome train pocket.

If you choose to use the Logos graphics they will be the same as the posters for several Acts printables. Here are some of those.

And, here is where the original post for the train is (without the printables) for other Acts ideas & printables.


  1. I love this idea! Where did you find the train?

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! I should have added this info, so thanks for asking! The train is Carson-Dellosa # CD110097 and can be purchased at your local teacher's supply store, and/or you can find it here:

  3. Found you through Manic Monday Linky Party. Oh my goodness!!! What a lot of work you've put into all of this! Thank you so much for sharing! I've been scrolling through, Pinning EVERYTHING!!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the nice comment! It is appreciated! And, special thanks for pinning!! ☺


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