Thankful to God For His Blessings!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
This is not intended for Bible class. This was used for home learning.
There is a Thankful book that can be used for Bible class.

This is the outside and then the inside. I printed back to back on one sheet of paper. I used mostly stickers, since that is what she likes and I have lots of them for her. But, I did use the house that is included in the download. You can print them here.
As you can see, we talked about the Bible, the spelling and we sang the B-I-B-L-E song. We talked about Jesus and His mother and earthly dad. And I talked about God creating everything and how thankful we are for His Great Works! Here are the links for this booklet:
  This is the books she likes.
 Here's another Word Wall, but again, I wanted some Bible. So, I used some of the words from the booklet and some words for the season. This is what we used. Different parts of the country are seeing different weather right now. We live in Memphis, so there's not so much snow. We won't do a lot of snow stuff, but the one day we do have it, we will be outside learning about it because that might be the only chance we get! So, this chart has Bible, couple of sports she will see right now and some fall stuff. You can print the Word Wall here.

I have a much more in depth thankful book to print here.

We play this turkey feather file folder game (FFG) and my granddaughter LOVES it. This FFG is the reason it is almost Thanksgiving and I am just now posting it. We have used it a couple of years, and I had a post all ready a month ago, but then I found one online almost like it. After some thought, I decided to show you how we use it with an education cube and purchased feathers. The graphics are the same since they are free at, but I think there are enough differences to feel like I am not infringing on theirs. If you want to print a dice to use and paper feathers, I deleted them from my file and you can download a version with those here.
This is the turkey on the inside and as you can see from the shadow, I did not glue the whole turkey down. If you see the shadow on the bottom of the turkey body, that is where I stopped the glue so there would be an opening for the feathers to be added during the game.I also cut a piece of cardstock and clipped it for grass along the bottom. 
This is the FFG during the game. We use an education cube and she rolls it and adds whatever color the feather is. These are the 10-12" feathers, and are pretty much destroyed by the time we are done playing with it, so I will get new ones again next year! You can print it here.


  1. Visiting from Katherine's Corner love these ideas.. check out our site at Celebration Ideas for some more easy crafts for preschoolers! following you now on Google plus too!

    1. Thank you for visiting! I will stop and connect via Gplus also.

  2. This is great I just love the turkey, thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  3. This is such a cute and easy game to play with munchkins! If the kiddos are a bit older you could even play with regular dice and add that many feathers:).


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