Letters From Paul Update!

Monday, April 1, 2013
We have finished the book of Acts studies! It is such a long series, and I love it! 

Following the Acts series, I usually do several lessons about the Old Testament vs. the New Testament laws and "What Does God Want Now?"

But, I added more Life of Jesus and took away some of these lessons, which included Worship, Elders & Deacons, the Bible, etc. So I will add those lessons later to the blog when I have time to update them. We will be doing Moses & the 10 Plagues this week and then Esther next week. The kids LOVE those lessons! I have a couple of kids that were in my class for these before and they are excited!

Since those are already posted, I will be adding a couple of lessons that I found 'lost' at the bottom of my post lists. I didn't realize they were ready and not posted! Then, we will begin the Letters From Paul series of lessons until the end of May. I actually am writing this post so that those of you that have read the other updates will know why we are not doing the Letters From Paul lessons.

Also, what I am going to do is have the kids add a piece to their shield for The Armor of God each week. It will get them excited, and the shields will be ready when we do the lesson. Here are the directions for the shield with the printables (copied & pasted from the Armor of God post coming soon!):
I made these shields from poster board. It is much easier and faster to cut them 'assembly line' style. By that I mean, I cut all the rectangles for the shields, the strips for the borders, the cross shapes, etc. and assembled them. Each shield is about 20 x 14.
First, I cut the red poster board in half down the center. Then, I cut about an inch off across the top, which will be used for one of the back straps for the students arm to hold the shield.

I rounded the corners of my shields off, but you can save a lot of work if you keep them square. Next, the trimmed the corners, and cut strips of the yellow poster board.
Yellow Poster Board: I wanted the shield divided so the kids could add something to it for the month leading up to this lesson, so this is what I did. Obviously, the pattern on the shields are unlimited! For the center cross I cut the strips 1 1/2" long. The long vertical is 13" long (point to point) and the horizontal line is 10" (point to point).
The yellow strips around the outside are about 1", and I also added inside corners to finish off the corners. Once the edges and the center cross was glued, I added red glitter glue circles and let everything dry.
I will add the arm handles on the back the week of the lesson, so they are not in the way each week we add the pictures on the front. Also, the kids will add their photo the first week, but I have added the picture of Jesus in Heaven in case you'd rather use that.
Click here to print the pictures for the shield.


  1. Love your lessons! Would love to see some on Elders and Deacons:)

    1. Thank you! I have the basic lesson for those, they are included with Letters From Paul normally. But it will be awhile because I have a lot for Old Testament to work on first.


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