Postcards From Paul: Athens VBS

Sunday, March 31, 2013

VBS for 2013 is Athens  Postcards From Paul ..and I am very happy since I love teaching about Paul!

This bulletin board is for the first lesson. The lesson is found in Acts 15:36-16:5. Luke talks about these men spreading the Gospel!

The title "We Traveled To Teach About Jesus" is from Cricut Learning Curve and is 4" (all caps). The Land & Water is 9", By and & is 5".
I don't know how well you can see from the photo, but I 'popped' the clouds and the boats for dimension. I stapled the clouds so they bend out in the center, the boats and the sails pop and the sun rays are folded out so they add dimension.

Click here to see more about the above bulletin board and all the downloads are available to print.
This bulletin board is for lesson 2. The title for Paul & Silas in prison is "What Must I Do To Be Saved?". It is the question that the Roman soldier asked them after the prisoners were still there after the earthquake. The title is cut from the Cricut Feeling Groovy cartridge. I cut it 5", all caps, and placed them on the bulletin board in random directions to look like it was after the earthquake.

Here is the very BASIC lesson that is given to the teachers for them to adjust for their age groups. Please read the scripture first, then adjust the lesson.

Also, you can find the long version of the lesson, and a lot of printables here

Here are the rest of the very BASIC lessons that is given to the teachers for them to adjust for their age groups. Please read the scripture first, then adjust the lesson.
Click here for lesson 3 which is Mars Hill

You can find the Mars Hill full lesson and printables here.

Click here for lesson 4 which is Aquila & Priscilla.
This is the last wall in my classroom, and I am sorry to say that I ended up in the hospital for the whole VBS! So, in the above picture, I added the top on the columns for this picture, since it should have had that, but I was so sick, I didn't get to finish it! The background is a Set-The-Scene water plastic background that covered the whole wall. Then, I added a marble base that was from old marble wallpaper someone had donated to the teacher's supply room! I added the columns, palm trees and the Athens lettering. The four middle columns have the daily Bible scripture printed on a scroll-like graphic. I used string to hang them on to the columns to give some pop.

So, there won't be any pictures of the building for this Athens, since I was in the hospital and not able to take any pictures! Disappointing!
I am adding a new bulletin board picture for out 2013 VBS, because after some discussion, thought and prayer, it was decided to use "Postcards From Paul" as the title this year. We do 4 lessons, Sunday night through Wednesday night, and there is only one lesson that Paul is actually in Athens.
So, here is the info for the graphic copyrights. I can't give the printables to you because some are not allowed to be shared, but I can tell you where to find it! The backgrounds for the postcards, the city logos, boat on the map and Athens wreath, and the Lystra and Corinth graphics are from Group on the Athens clipart disk. You can find the rest of the details at the end with the first bulletin board.
This is the original bulletin board for announcing it., which by the way, I was not ever happy with! I kinda have a vision when I am making the designs for bulletin boards, but I just couldn't get what I wanted. So, it is gone! But, here are the details anyway:
  I used Stamped by Cricut to cut the letters. VBS was cut 11" and the date was cut at 5 1/4". The columns are free graphics from and I purchased the vines at Dollar Tree. I really wanted vines to go around the edge for border, but it was too expensive, so I used the border I already had. The picture really doesn't do it justice!


  1. We'll be doing the Castle Themed VBS. This inspired me to make a "sneak peak" display!

  2. I am so happy I found your blog. You are so talented. I have been a Sunday School/Children's Church teacher for a while. I love your bulletin boards. We are using the Paul VBS from Group also. I am confused how you did the columns. I found some on the free clip art site. I just don't know where to go from there.
    Thank You

    1. I purchased the columns. I had a lot going on personally during this time, so I did bulletin boards for my classroom instead of doing whole walls. I used the water scene for the background, and here are the columns:
      I also bought some of the palm trees from here to put on the walls:
      The palm trees you see here on this wall are here:
      I did print some things used an overhead projector to blow them up. Here is what I used for Mars Hill (free clipart). I blew it up with the overhead projector and used a Sharpie marker to draw it onto a sheet of poster board:

      Thanks for visiting! I appreciate the comment!

    2. Oh, (those are the columns on the Athens wall) and for the columns that are on the VBS bulletin board, I used an overhead projector and Sharpie marker. You can find several choices for clipart at Type in column, find the one you want, click on download, and your choice of size. I usually use the large. For this column, it only had the top, so I drew the top of the pillar, then turned it around, and drew the bottom. Then drew the post as long as I needed it.


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