Paul's Friends Traveled To Teach About Jesus Bulletin Board

Monday, May 13, 2013
This bulletin board is for our first lesson for 2013 VBS. But, I think it is a great bulletin board to use for Acts lessons, or even a hallway bulletin board with a couple of changes. I decided to add it as a separate post and make the printable downloads available for you. Because, really, these can be used for a lot of different bulletin board ideas.

 The lesson is found in Acts 15:36-16:5. Luke talks about these men spreading the Gospel!
The title "We Traveled To Teach About Jesus" is from Cricut Learning Curve and is 4" (all caps). The Land & Water is 9", By and & is 5". These are not in the following downloads.
I don't know how well you can see from the photo, but I 'popped' the clouds and the boats for dimension. I stapled the clouds so they bend out in the center, the boats and the sails pop and the sun rays are folded out so they add dimension.
Here are printables:

The font is 'Wide Latin' in case you need to download the font to have the names look like mine. I wanted the names to look like they were chiseled into the 'stone' name plates. You can download the font free here. 
Click here to find the original post, including more bulletin boards.

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