Genesis Series: Cain & Abel

Sunday, June 16, 2013
For Cain and Abel's project, I created a file folder game (FFG). because I wanted to reinforce doing what is right, and what God wants, not what we want, I created the game cards for the player to move forward if it is the right thing to do or move backward if it is the wrong choice.
Review: Last week we talked about Adam and Eve. They were in the Garden of Eden. They were allowed to eat the fruit from every tree except for the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. A serpent came along and said, “You know that you won’t really die if you eat that fruit, but you will be just like God, knowing good and evil.”
What kind of fruit was it? We don’t know, the Bible doesn’t tell us. Eve thought it looked good and she wanted to be wise, so she ate it and gave it to Adam, and he ate from it. They saw that they were naked, and they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves.
God came looking for them and after a discussion, God told them their punishment. The serpent was also punished.

God made them tunics from skin and made them leave the garden. He put cherubim in the east of the garden and a flaming sword to guard the tree of life.
Lesson I found in Genesis 4:1-5:5: Adam and Eve had a son and they named him Cain. Then they had a second son and named him Abel. God told Adam and Eve to build an altar from rocks and stones.
They cut up wood and put it on top of the altar and then God wanted them to kill a male lamb and use it as a sacrifice.  Adam and Eve taught their children about sin.
Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd.
After a time, when they were giving their offerings to God, Cain brought his fruit that he grew in his garden and Abel brought the firstborn and the best of his flock of sheep. God liked and respected Abel’s offering. But He did not like Cain’s offering.

The Bible tells us that by faith Abel brought his best and gave his offering to God with the right attitude that God expected.  (See article links below)
Cain didn't show faith in his sacrifice. Cain was angry that God didn’t accept his offering and was jealous that God accepted Abel’s offering. 
Cain talked to Abel and after a time, when they were in the field, Cain killed his brother Abel. We are not told how Cain killed his brother, just that he did.
God asked Cain “Where is your brother?” And Cain said, “I don’t know, am I my brother’s keeper?” God said “What have you done? His blood cries out from the ground and now you are cursed. When you farm the land, it will not give you food. You will be a fugitive and a vagabond (drifter or hobo) on the earth.”
But Cain cried “That is more than I can bear! If I travel around someone will know who I am and kill me.” Now think about this, he doesn’t want to be killed, and he just killed his brother?
God said that if someone killed Cain, God would take vengeance 7 times on that person.” God put a mark on Cain so no one would kill him.
Cain left and went to Nod. He married and they had a son named Enoch. They built a city and called it Enoch, after their son.
Adam and Eve had another son and they named him Seth. Seth had children and from him came Noah, Abraham, David and Jesus.
Adam was 130 when they had Seth. Adam lived 930 years and had more sons and daughters! 

In an effort to keep to the scripture, I researched about Cain vs. Abel's offerings. Here are a couple of good places for information:
Christian Courier (article by Jared Jackson)
 LaVista Church of Christ  
Jamestown Church of Christ (article by Frank Walton)
I made this file folder game (FFG) to use with this lesson, and then I let the kid have them to take home. What I want to have the kids think about is obeying God, their parents and doing the right thing. Cain didn't. And, then he lied about it. And, one sin usually leads to another, to another, etc.

 I couldn't decide to title this project Love God & Family or Obey God and Family! But, if you love God and your parents, you will try to obey them. I made the title so it would work with any Bible lesson. This could be used for a lot of different type classes or home uses.
Here is the inside, with the game board on the inside right. There are player markers, which I left ends on mine to fold under and help them stand, but that's an option. My daughter suggested rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first, then the first player will take a card, move the spaces it says to, and the next player goes, and so on. The cards are all based on if you do the right thing, you move forward. If you do the wrong thing, you move backward.

There are extra blank cards for you to add more appropriate things for you. If there is time, the cards are good to use as thought questions. You can print the FFG here.
All the Genesis Worksheets can be printed here.
Bible Verse: Genesis 4:2 

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson.
Used by permission.
Here is the cut & glue lift-the-flaps worksheet that can be used by itself, or with the lapbook printables.
Here are the lapbook printables:
Lapbook #1
Lapbook #2
See all the Genesis cut and paste worksheets and lapbook printables here.


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  2. What a great way to make kids really think about right and wrong! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. This is a very thorough account thank you for sharing on Motivational Monday. Goes to show that even right at the start brothers fought.

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  10. Thank you. Very nice! Also, the word you want to use is 'altar'. 'Alter' means to change something.

  11. Is it accurate to say that we don't know why God was not pleased with Cain's offering? Leviticus tells us that they were to bring an animal sacrifice. Genesis says that Cain did not do it well. God told Cain that if he "did it well," it would be accepted. So whether it was his heart or his offering - or both - we know that God was displeased. I would assume that Cain had been taught what kind of offering to bring.

    1. I really wrestled with this post and the wording for Cain's offering. We can guess at why God wasn't happy with Cain. Especially assuming he knew the laws and how/what God wanted sacrifices to be done. We can also figure out a lot by Cains attitude in how he did the sacrifice and his preparation. We can also learn a lot about Cain from his general attitude in how he acted when God informed Cain how He felt. We are told that Abel brought his sacrifice by faith and Cain didn't. I changed the wording in the post, but in an effort to keep it to the scripture, I left it at that. I agree with what you are saying and thanks for the comment, because it did make me search the scriptures more! Thank you for the comment.

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