Tree of Bible Knowledge Wall Visual

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
I purchased this Tree Bulletin Board just for this!
I saw it and knew exactly kinda what I wanted to do with it! I saw it in Carson Dellosa's catalog they sent me, and I found it at my local teacher's store. You can find it here.
Now, next thing to work out was a title for the tree. I wanted something to work with Genesis, since that is what we are studying, but I want it to look OK if I leave it up for a while. I couldn't decide, so I printed my choices up and let the kids tell me what they liked. And, maybe, it might depend on the age group. You will get all of them in the download, just print the one you like.
 This the 3rd option in the download. My husband and I liked it the best, but I plan to create a Bible file folder game with the graphics, so you will see this again. The vote was... exactly even! There were 3 votes for each one! So, I decided to use the tree that matches for now, Spring and Summer, and maybe change it to the first one in the fall and add fall leaves around it to change it a little. I will save the last choice for a different project.

You can print the titles here.
I used general Bible questions for under the leaf. I debated for a long time whether to put the questions on the outside flap, then the answers inside... that was actually what I intended to do. But, when I started typing and seeing how long some of answers could be, I decided to just put the questions under the leaves. (There is a question/answer sheet you can print.) Also, I thought I might  get more use out of it by not putting anything on the leaf flaps, and just changing the questions underneath when I want to use it for a specific subject.
Here is how the sheets will lay out, but it was easier to attach one at a time! I did keep the top tree  parts as 2 pieces (plus the trunk) so I can store in the original plastic bag. It also says it is best not to laminate because it will be harder to lift the leaves. I did one side at a time, and it took some time to make sure everything was lined up. I used Scotch tape to attach these printables to the back of the tree. Don't panic if you mess something up by cutting it too short, just reprint it and try again. I printed mine on cardstock... yep, I use a lot of cardstock! But, I make visuals to reuse... I am working on Jacob & Esau today, and thought that I have had a lot of my visuals for maybe 20 years! Some I have thrown away because they were outdated, but basics, like the altar you will see soon, will last (almost) forever.
You can print the questions here for under the leaves.

Here is the question and answer sheet.
After a Facebook discussion with other Bible class teachers, we thought it would be a good idea to print a tree for each student and let them add a sticker for each time they answer a question correctly. This will work great for the younger kids, we were thinking preschool, but I know the first and second graders would have fun with it also. In the download, you have a choice to print in color or black & white, and with or without a title. You can print them here.


  1. Cute idea! So many ways to make learning fun. And this is the best knowledge of all!


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