Monopoly Bible Bulletin Board

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Here is a short post to show you a new bulletin board I just put up. It is one of my favorites! Sometimes bulletin boards look totally different than what you plan... sometimes better... sometimes not as good.
 As I was standing at the teacher's supply store, just looking at these Monopoly products, it was one of the times I could see in my mind basically what I wanted to use everything for!

I had to buy a couple of different sets to get the complete look, but the other items can be used for something else.
 I had a couple of scriptures in mind, but when I told my husband what I was looking for, he suggested this one. I think it is perfect! The letters are from Cricut 3 1/2" Simply Sweet (all caps and most with shadows) and are white with black shadow.
Since Monopoly and all the pieces are licensed, I am not including any downloads. Just the instructions on what I did for the above board.
 You can find the supplies here or at your local supply store:
 ( I used Cricut 3" Simply Sweet, all caps) Game board large blocks.
The mini set included the money, game cards (I only used a couple and covered the titles on them) and the game tokens.
If you want to see everything that is available.

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  1. Just a question: what are the "key words" in the game blocks
    I'm referring to the blocks PROFIT, WORLD and SOUL?


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