Moses: 10 Plagues Part 1 of 3

Saturday, September 14, 2013
We continue with Moses and start the 10 plagues! The 10 plagues lesson was my daughter's favorite lesson she remembers me teaching as she was growing up! Some of the visuals I have used for years! I don't mind putting money into visuals, since they last for so long and they really make a huge impact for the kids! There is a small one-page booklet for the take-home. There are extra worksheets to review the plagues also.
Review: God talked to Moses from a burning bush and God told Moses that he would be the person to talk to Pharaoh about letting the Israelites leave Egypt. Moses didn't think he could do the job. But God told Moses to throw his rod on the ground and it became a snake. Moses picked it up by the tail, and it turned back into his rod! Then, Moses put his hand in his bosom, and it came out leprous! God told Moses that if Pharaoh didn't believe the first 2 signs, then Moses was to pour water from the river onto the dry ground and it would turn into blood.
God told Moses that Pharaoh would refuse to believe at first, but with God's power, Pharaoh WOULD believe. Since Moses was not sure he could not talk very well, God said He would send Aaron with Moses to do the talking. They were to tell Pharaoh that "I Am" sent them. God said, ' I AM WHO I AM'.
Lesson in Exodus 5-9: And Moses was eighty years old and Aaron eighty-three years old when they spoke to Pharaoh. Moses and Aaron went to see Pharaoh just like God told them to. They told Pharaoh to let the people go, and Pharaoh replied, "I do not know the Lord, and I will not let the people go!" Pharaoh asked why they took the people away from their work and the people needed to go back to work!

Pharaoh had to decide a punishment because Moses and Aaron asked to let the people go. He decided to make the people find their own straw to make the bricks, instead of the taskmasters giving it to them... but, the people still had to make the same number of bricks each day! That was really impossible, and the people are upset with Moses because Moses made Pharaoh angry at them!
www.biblefunforkids.comI used my stick and this snake here
Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh again and when Pharaoh said to show him a miracle, Aaron threw down his rod (walking stick) and it turned into a serpent! Pharaoh called in his magicians, and they turned their rods into snakes, too, except Aaron’s snake ate all their snakes!  (I gave the students snakes here)
God told Moses "I am the Lord. With a strong hand, Pharaoh will let the people go."
God sends the 10 plagues to show Pharaoh the His power!
They are:
1. (Exodus 7:17) God told Moses to stand beside Pharaoh in the morning when he goes to the river. Moses and Aaron did just as God said. Moses told Pharaoh that God wanted the people to be permitted to leave. Pharaoh said no. Aaron held out his staff, hit the water and water everywhere turned to blood. All the fish died, the water stank, and the water was blood all through Egypt. 
I use a clear bowl with red food coloring drops already in the bottom with the plastic fish covering the red drops. I pour the water in the bowl, and it turns red and the fish float to the top. They love it, even though they figure out it happened, but God can do it, even though I can't!  (I handed out bottles of water & plastic fish here)
My frog visual!

After 7 Days: 2. (Exodus 8:6) Moses told Pharaoh to "Let the people go." If you don't, there will be frogs everywhere.  Pharaoh said no, and So Aaron stretched out his hand over the waters of Egypt, and the frogs came up and covered the land of Egypt. Pharaoh's magicians were also able to make frogs come out of the water. (I gave them frogs here)

Pharaoh said have your God take them away and I will let the people go. All the frogs died except for the ones by the river. They gathered them all together and made piles of them and it stank! So, the problem was taken care of, and Pharaoh changed his mind.
3. (Exodus 8:17) Moses said to Aaron ‘Stretch out your rod, and strike the dust of the land, so that it may become lice throughout all the land of Egypt.’”  The magicians tried to make lice, but they couldn't, and they told Pharaoh that 'God's fingers' made the lice. Pharaoh hardened his heart and wouldn't let the people go. (I gave the students rice here)
4. (Exodus 8:24) Moses told Pharaoh to let the people go, or there would be swarms of flies. Pharaoh said no, and there were flies everywhere! Pharaoh told Moses that he would let the people go if the flies disappeared, but when the flies were gone, Pharaoh changed his mind and wouldn't let the people go. (I gave them flies here)

www.biblefunforkids.com5. (Exodus 9:6) Moses told Pharaoh that if he didn't let the people go, all the Egyptian livestock would die, but all the Hebrew livestock would live. The next morning, all the Egyptian livestock got a disease and died. Pharaoh checked the Hebrew animals, and they were all still alive.  But, he still refused to let the people go. (I gave them an animal here) The livestock in the display were standing, and we knocked them over
The livestock included cattle, horses, donkeys, camels, oxen and sheep. This is the beginning of the plagues that God sent. We will continue the 10 plagues next week!

Next to each plague above, you will see the item that I gave to them highlighted in yellow. They will start the artist palette project and leave it in class for the 3 weeks. Also, they will leave the bag of 10 plagues goodies so we can review each week. I made a copy of the 10 plagues song for them to take home and asked their parents to sing it with them.
Each week for the 10 Plagues, I will have a new take-home project for the kids. For this week, I purchased these small artist palettes, and the kids will add the plagues this week, and the next 2 weeks as we discuss them. I found these at hobby Lobby after wandering the store looking for something with 10 spaces and used my 40% off.
 But, if you do not want to purchase them, you can use the same printable and you can use on a paper plate, or by itself. I also put the pieces through my sticker maker, but if you are using the artist palettes, you could use the glue dots to attach everything. If you are using the artist palettes, you do NOT need to print the first page, just the second page. The second page is enough for 2 students!

This next download has everything already on the circles, which is great for a teacher's visual or if you don't want to spend the time cutting and gluing. Also, it would be nice for younger children. Print it here.
You can find all the Moses worksheets here.
All of the 45 visuals are not shown.

Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
Here is a 10 Plagues song that can be printed, laminated and used as a flipchart, book, visual or bulletin board decoration. You can print it here.
Click here to download the black & white version.

Here is a mini book for the 10 plagues. You can print it here.
For directions on how to fold and cut the above mini book, please click here.
This is today's cut & glue picture to color. I print the backgrounds on different color cardstock, and the pictures for the students to cut are on regular paper. You can print it here.

Here is the same picture but is a picture to color (no cutting).
You can see all the Moses cut & glue pictures to color here.
We marked our Moses map for his travels. You can find more information here.

Bible verse: Exodus 7:6


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